Third Time is a Charm?

01/26/2019 | 0

Here we go. The first post of the new year and the new Lady Bluebottle. I’m reinventing the site. Again. Sometimes we have to reinvent ourselves but I really hope…



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From a Fearful Flyer

01/16/2018 | 0

One of the most memorable messages I have ever embraced was learned in a place of my greatest fears. Okay… so I am lowkey scared of flying. Well maybe it’s…


Weekly Post Spotlight

01/12/2018 | 3

The first full work week in January is over! We spent a lot of time this week reading your blogs and getting to know you. Bloggers, you are amazing. The…


Making A Stand For Romance

01/11/2018 | 6

I am wholeheartedly a true romantic. However let’s face it, loving romance is no longer cool. It’s much more sophisticated to be aloof, hard to attain and only romantic and…


What’s Your Spin on Salad?

01/10/2018 | 7

It’s January and while I wish we could have pizza every day, I’ve read “eat healthier” on a lot of goal lists for 2018, including my own. When I think…


The Winter Blues and Work Life Stresses

01/09/2018 | 8

Do you find yourself unmotivated to get out of bed in the morning, shaking at the amount of work you have ahead of you? Or waking up in the night…


Why I’m Building a Community for Women

01/08/2018 | 7

I spent the last few weeks fully focused on building Lady Bluebottle’s online community. It’s an idea I’ve had a few times in the past that never came to fruition…


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