Hi, I'm Courtney, the creator of Lady Bluebottle.

I'm glad you're here

I authored and illustrated my first book when I was in First grade. It was bound by sharp, round, plastic rings, and I think the plot had something to do with a kite. It sparked my joy for creating at a young age and unlike a lot of other creators, I did look back. After writing books and poetry as a teenager I stopped and chose to invest my energy in less creatively rewarding places. One day, blogging was invented and just like that, I found my way back to my creative roots.

A little bit each day will take you a long way.

When I started Lady Bluebottle I wanted to create a community, a place to be seen and heard, and most importantly, to be encouraged. At the time, Instagram was the best place to start building that community. I quickly found I didn't have or couldn't find enough images to support what I wanted to say. So, I started creating my own.


If an artist is someone who creates something, anything, good or bad, then I am an artist. And if a writer is someone who occasionally writes a blog post, or at least a lengthy Instagram caption, then I am a writer. I prefer to refer to myself as a creator because as a label it fits me the same way I like my clothes, loose and comfortable.

my "official" bio

Lady Bluebottle, also known as Courtney, is a US based creator who gained a modest following on Instagram after posting original designs focused on offering encouragement and empathy.


When she is not creating, Courtney works from home as a Technology Consultant. She lives with her husband and dog in a cozy house in the suburbs. She likes coffee, naps, and is much older than she looks.