Hi, hello, welcome, we're glad you're here. If you're looking for community and conversation, you've come to the right place. Lady Bluebottle is an online community for women. We're here to connect women and to help foster open communication about anything and everything. Being human is hard. They say it takes a village - well, we're building a village.

Lady Bluebottle is an online community designed to be a gathering place for women to meet and share their stories. We are dedicated to providing women with a place to share their stories and resources to enrich their lives.

We love to feature artists, writers, bloggers, photographers, and everyday women who inspire us. Our focus is on authenticity, encouraging women to share their stories, and supporting women in the every day trials of simply being human.


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Lady Bluebottle is named after a fictional character by the same name who appeared in a short work by Lord Byron titled, "The Blues: A Literary Eclogue." With the character of Lady Bluebottle, Byron was assumed to be characterizing (and mocking) Elizabeth Montagu, the founder of the Blue Stocking Society, often referred to the as the Bluestockings.


The Blue Stocking Society was a small group of women in the 18th Century who started an informal movement that encouraged intellectual conversation primarily among women, though men were often invited to their gatherings.


It's in the spirit of all the Lady Bluebottles in the world that our site was created.


Click here and here for more information on the Bluestockings. You can order Lord Byron's "The Blues" on Amazon.