Third Time is a Charm?

01/26/2019 | 0

Here we go. The first post of the new year and the new Lady Bluebottle. I’m reinventing the site. Again. Sometimes we have to reinvent ourselves but I really hope…



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Forget Self-Care, First I Need to Care

04/10/2018 | 9

Last night I talked to my friend for more than 3 hours on the phone, like we were still in high school. I sat in the same chair in the…


Where Our Name Comes From

04/08/2018 | 7

Have you been wondering why the heck our site is named Lady Bluebottle?   When I started this site I wanted it to be a place where I could speak…


Audrey Hepburn Changed My Life

04/04/2018 | 7

Everyone has heard of Audrey Hepburn…and if you haven’t where have you been for the last 50 years? Audrey Hepburn is one of the most well known actresses of the…


Stop Looking at the Numbers

04/01/2018 | 5

Recently I made a decision to stop looking at the numbers in my life. All the numbers.   I’ve never been a fan of math or statistics or anything resembling…


My Mother is the Beach

03/28/2018 | 11

Two major events of my lifetime occurred simultaneously: I announced that I was about to become a mother, and my mother announced she was moving away. That was seventeen years…


Do You Take a Spring Break?

03/27/2018 | 3

When I hear the phrase “spring break” I immediately think of the beach, loud parties, and too much alcohol. It’s funny that’s what comes to my mind because I’ve never…


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