Do You Take a Spring Break?

When I hear the phrase “spring break” I immediately think of the beach, loud parties, and too much alcohol. It’s funny that’s what comes to my mind because I’ve never had a spring break experience that had any of those things.
Growing up my school calendar didn’t allow for spring break so I wasn’t used to the concept when I went to college. Maybe I ran with a boring crowd, but most students I knew just went home for spring break. I probably worked or something equally responsible and productive instead of kicking back and having fun, like I would love to do now.
I didn’t realize kids even got spring break (and sometimes mid-winter break! What?!) until I was in my 20s and working full-time. Co-workers with children would take a full week off in February or March and take their kids somewhere for the week. The idea of a family vacation in March was a completely foreign concept to me.
When I lived in Washington State parents would take their kids to Disneyland in California during that week off. Even my brother took his wife and kids to Australia for an extended vacation one year. Spring break isn’t just for college kids and children with generous parents. A friend posted on Facebook yesterday about her trip to Mexico with a girlfriend for spring break. They are both working professionals without children who decided to head to the beach for a week.

Why haven’t I jumped on the spring break bandwagon yet? I work hard, I don’t take vacation very much, and March is the perfect time for a week off, sandwiched between the holidays and summer. I could use a trip to the beach, or the mountains, or just about anywhere outside of my house. Spring break is a time to rest, have fun, and rejuvenate. I want that.
It’s too late for me this year but I’ve already committed to myself that I will take a full week off of work next March and go somewhere strictly for relaxation and fun. I can’t wait!
Did your parents take you on spring break when you were in school? What is spring break like where you are? As an adult have you ever taken yourself on a spring vacation?
Here are a few Brilliantly Original Spring Break Ideas if you live in the U.S. and decide to go on a last minute spring break this year!



  1. Rachel on March 27, 2018 at 8:44 AM

    As a kid, we never did too much for spring break, but we would always go skiing over my dad’s birthday in January. Two years ago, I did a tour of Italy! This spring break, I’m working and getting university work done as my field course is the week after spring break!

    Rachel ||

    • Lady B on March 27, 2018 at 10:04 AM

      A tour of Italy sounds like a perfect spring break!

  2. Katie on April 12, 2018 at 8:56 PM

    Can I recommend an Autumn trip instead? Right after kids go back to school and no one is traveling, fewer people and lower prices! My sister and I did Disney World together in September and it was GLORIOUS!

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