Third Time is a Charm?

01/26/2019 | 0

Here we go. The first post of the new year and the new Lady Bluebottle. I’m reinventing the site. Again. Sometimes we have to reinvent ourselves but I really hope…



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Holding Space for Mental Health

01/02/2018 | 5

One topic we are holding space for on Lady Bluebottle is mental health. It is one of the most important and difficult topics to talk about, in conversation and in…


The Founding of Lady Bluebottle

01/01/2018 | 11

As an introduction to what I hope becomes a fruitful and fulfilling site for women for years to come, I thought I would share how the idea for Lady Bluebottle…


Welcome to Lady Bluebottle!

12/30/2017 | 0

Welcome and we are we glad you’re here! Lady Bluebottle is a new site for 2018!   We are all about giving women a safe space to gather and to…


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