Third Time is a Charm?

01/26/2019 | 0

Here we go. The first post of the new year and the new Lady Bluebottle. I’m reinventing the site. Again. Sometimes we have to reinvent ourselves but I really hope…



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Weekly Post Spotlight

01/05/2018 | 8

It’s our first weekly post spotlight! Lady Bluebottle is a new site for 2018 and we are committed to building a community of bloggers and serving that community. One way…


How Did You Learn to Cook?

01/04/2018 | 4

In my house my mother did all of the cooking. Dinners were never anything elaborate. She came home from work, threw a few things in the oven, microwaved some vegetables…


Have You Seen the Northern Lights?

01/04/2018 | 4

Awhile ago my uncle mentioned the northern lights to me as a life experience he had that was not to be missed. A short time later he mentioned them again.…


Harvey Weinstein vs Jane Doe

01/03/2018 | 0

It has been hard to miss recently in the news, on social media, in magazines, online. Revelations of sexual abuse by those in positions of power seem to be everywhere.…


What is Your Favorite Kind of Pizza?

01/02/2018 | 0

At Lady Bluebottle we plan to talk a lot about food. What to eat, where to eat, how much to eat…you get the idea. Restaurant recommendations and recipes are also…


What is Your Word for 2018?

01/02/2018 | 1

2018 is officially here and we couldn’t be more excited. Lady Bluebottle is up and running and we can’t wait to see where this year takes us. As a brand…


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